Bachelor’s to OTD Curriculum

This path is for those who have a bachelor’s degree in OT but no master’s degree. See the admissions requirements for more information.

Occupational Therapy Master’s Core Courses 9 hours

Master’s Electives  6 hours

Select two from the following:

  • OTS 862: Therapeutic Modalities in OT Practice
  • OTS 863: Occupation and Sensory Processing
  • OTS 864: Early Childhood Practice
  • OTS 865: School-Based Practice
  • OTS 885: Occupational Performance Measures
  • OTS 890: Independent Study in OT

Or an online elective course from another program (e.g. education, nursing, public administration, etc.) 

Master’s/OTD Electives 12 hours                                                          

Master’s Research 3 hours

  • OTS 896: Research Contribution

Students will have the MS degree awarded after completing 30 credit hours and all MS OT degree requirements; they are then expected to continue on with coursework to complete the doctorate requirements.

Occupational Therapy Doctorate Core Courses 24 hours

Total Hours Required for Degree Completion 61 hours

For a full list of course descriptions please see section 7 of the university graduate catalog.


Course Descriptions

OTS 850 Planning and Managing in OT Practice 
(3 hours) A. An OT perspective of management including: organizational theory, strategic planning, leadership, formulating decisions, consultation, political advocacy, health and social policy. Development of practice models including program evaluation based on agency, systems or community needs.

OTS 853 Leadership and Change in OT

(3 hours) Focus on the development and application of leadership skills, including transformational and transactional leadership. Students will demonstrate development of their own leadership skills through a major project.

OTS 880 Research in Occupational Therapy
(3 hours) I, II, A. Exploration, critical analysis and application of research and evidence-based practice in occupational therapy. Emphasis on preparation and implementation of a research study.

OTS 882 Advanced Occupational Science

(3 hours) Exploration of occupational science as a disciplinary knowledge base, current research on occupation-based practice, and methods of developing occupation-based practice. Emphasis on change, clinical leadership, and research.

OTS 884 Qualitative Inquiry Approaches
(3 hours) A. Prerequisite: Undergraduate course in research design. This course synthesizes the rationale, theoretical foundations, design, methods, analysis, and ethical issues related to qualitative research. Students analyze five approaches of qualitative inquiry, and develop a research prospectus.

OTS 885 Occupational Performance Measures
(3 hours) A. Prerequisites: OTS 880 and occupational therapy graduate student status or departmental approval. Analysis of critical evaluation instrumentation. Review of measurement issues and use of instruments in evidence-based practice in occupational therapy. Integration into occupation-based practice.

OTS 886 Culture and Diversity in OT

(3 hours) Importance of culture and diversity in the understanding of health disparities in health care policy and OT practice. Global and national policy and program models for inclusion of culture, diversity and disability are highlighted.

OTS 901 OTD Leadership Seminar I

(3 hours) Foundational work for development of OTD capstone and Applied Leadership Experience. Conceptualize identity as a leader for change. Develop methods to assess population needs to improve occupation-based programming.

OTS 902 OTD Leadership Seminar II

(3 hours) Explore options for professional development and leadership experiences. Assess population needs to support occupation-based programming.

OTS 903 OTD Leadership Seminar III

(3 hours) Design capstone project based on needs assessment, literature synthesis, and professional goals to serve as a change agent for occupation-based programming. Capstone emphases are ethical leadership within change and OBP for diverse populations.

OTS 904 OTD Leadership Seminar IV

(3 hours) Implement capstone project. Evaluate capstone project outcomes to assess change in occupation-based programming.

OTS 905 OTD Applied Leadership Experience

(6 hours) Custom-designed practicums for capstone, field-based experiences in the Clinical Doctorate in Occupational Therapy. Course emphases are on ethical leadership within change and excellence in occupation-based services for diverse populations.

OTS 906 Capstone

(1 hour) Integration and application of program outcomes through the capstone project and portfolio. Students present final capstone project.

OTS 910 Policy Analysis for OT

(3 hours) Influence of social and healthcare policy on the profession of occupational therapy. Health disparities, disability studies and advocacy need in emerging practice.

OTS 911 Applied Research in OT

(3 hours) Students will apply research methods, synthesize paradigms, designs, methods, and ethical issues related to research, and discuss funding options. The role of research as an agent of change in practice will be emphasized.

OTS 912 Evidence-Based Practice for OT

(3 hours) Evaluate and perform critical research appraisals to justify intervention decisions. Content focuses on: clinical reasoning, outcomes measurement, finding evidence, changes in practice, ethics, communicating decisions.

OTS 913 Educational Practices for OT

(3 hours) Fundamental principles of designing and implementing educational programs across the lifespan. Educational strategies and learning theories will be analyzed and applied to clinical, community, and didactic settings and populations.