The Role of Occupational Therapy in Primary Care

My capstone project for the EKU Online OTD program is titled “The Role of Occupational Therapy in Primary Care.” It is focused on communicating, influencing and educating other health care professionals regarding the role of occupational therapy in the future model of primary care delivery initiated by the adoption of the Affordable Care Act and the Triple Aim Initiative.  occupational-therapy-primary-care-otd-online-degree-priti-patel-image
Currently, primary care, the largest health care platform in United States, is not inclusive of occupational therapy services. Occupational therapists have the scope, knowledge and understanding to be part of the redesigned team model of primary care. The capstone project promoted the emerging role of occupational therapy in primary care. It was able to increase the understanding of occupational therapy in current primary care providers so that the concept of integrating occupational therapy in future primary care team models could be developed.
The capstone project was able to demonstrate the presence of a significant opportunity for occupational therapists to enhance future delivery of primary care services in the United States. 
The Triple Aim calls for redesigning the primary care structure and service delivery methods. Occupational therapists need to seize the opportunity to be present at the first point of entry for the patient, to manage the patient with multiple health care needs and to decrease the expenditure of the United States health care system.  
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Author Priti Patel is an EKU Online student from Louisville, Kentucky. She earned her doctorate in occupational therapy in May 2015. She is pictured above with her capstone project research committee. From left to right Dr. Dana Howell, Dr. Cindy Hayden, Patel and Dr. Amy Marshall.

Published on May 15, 2015