Can I Achieve My Professional Goals with an Online OTD Program?

Two questions we hear frequently are:

Can I work on my professional goals while I am in the EKU OTD program?

Is the coursework really personalized for me?

The short answer is, "yes!

Students in the EKU Online OTD program engage in core coursework that is focused on the themes of occupation-based practice, diversity, leadership, and reasoning. They also participate in an Applied Leadership Experience (ALE) and complete a Capstone Project.

Engagement in these experiences supports both the program mission to create occupation-based practitioners who will be ethical leaders of change in occupational therapy services for diverse populations, and the four OTD Program outcomes:
1. Engage in occupation-based practice as a method of change to positively impact the future of the profession and the quality of occupational therapy services.
2. Ethically and responsibly meet the needs of diverse client populations by addressing issues related to health disparity in rural and urban areas, as well as policy and legislation at local, state, and national levels.
3. Serve as leaders of change at local, state, and national levels using tools such as program development, participatory action research, client education, and evidence-based practice.
4. Use advanced clinical and ethical reasoning skills to improve occupational therapy services.
You start working toward your professional goals almost immediately: 
In OTS 901 Leadership Seminar I, you will be guided by experienced faculty to analyze your motivations and areas of interest for leadership within occupational therapy and synthesize from theory and research on occupation-based practice a personal perspective on best practice. You’ll also start to develop your objectives for the Applied Leadership Experience, and your Capstone Project. 

In OTS 902 Leadership Seminar II, you will begin to explore your options for leadership experiences through development of a professional development plan. You will assess population needs to support occupation-based programming in preparation for carrying out your Capstone Project. And you will finalize your objectives for Applied Leadership Experience.

In OTS 903 Capstone Development, OTS 904 Capstone Implementation, and OTS 906 Capstone, you will work one on one with your faculty mentor to design and carry out your capstone project. 

OTS 905 Applied Leadership Experience is an experiential learning field-based experience that you will custom-design to meet your own professional goals.  Course emphases are on ethical leadership within change and excellence in occupation-based services for diverse populations. 
In addition, in your core OTD courses you will have the opportunity to focus your assignments on your area of interest. Our goal is for our students to leave the EKU OTD program with the tools they need to become change agents and leaders in health care. You can make a difference!

Published on February 16, 2016